PTSD – focus on lack of basic trust and how to deal with it

NB a draft! NB also I discuss right not only PTSD related to lack of very early) basic trust/attachment!

Not consciously many PTSDs believe that the solution is outside!  External locus of control part of the basics in its development! It is “normal” for PTSD as I see it, not only based on my own experiences but also from patients. Lack of basic attachment/basic trust  (see e.g. or or or  

The solutions of one´s problems is outside, the next idea leaving the one was promising a few days ago! That is the hallmark of lack of basic trust and lack of basic needs of attachments! Now is  updating the extremely important subject that probably influence more people than earlier realized! PTSD means specific vulnerable to stress reaction sometimes independent of what activate the stress response – the  whole biography is engaged with emotional stress!

As I see it – only George Kelly (1955) – who show an individual based solution with relevant education and self-activities – has understood this and his approach “man as a scientist” and all his complex but effective (requiring knowledge and practice almost no one has), which those few psychologists who know his name from education (or more) have not really understood. the today problem is that his (as I see it) outstanding approach is not put into today practical understanding  – for professionals or not!

I use his approach as a foundation to my own dissertation 1986 but with other focuses than PTSD and the like! Now 2018 I will try to “translate” and refined (in today’s knowledge/ thinking an approach based on Kelly that can provide individuals with complex stress related problems (as possible PTSD related) a manual with in principle is a development and refinement of my own dissertation 1986. In sub-links here below, I will during late 2018 and 2019 try to give practical information how individuals themselves can use tools and tailor them into their own practice – if possible finding a clinician that is well informed in the approach (!) and is available to guide you!

How can a Kelly-based approach be individually available – when no real guides are available in Sweden (those who believe they can provide this please notify me!)? The only solution I see at this moment (October 2018) is to learn and practice when available material and coaching is available!  

More is to come …


About (my understanding/version/experiences of) George Kelly

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