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Responsible for this web site is Professor Bo von Schéele, Stress Medicine AB
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Brief background

  • PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) from start in life (maternal deprivation), “platforming” stress problems in life. Also motivating scientific and clinical work when leaving music for academic studies 1979 at Uppsala University.
  • Music studies in Sweden, and in Vienna. Piano, conductor and composer. Due to extreme stress left music 1979 and started study with at Uppsala University.
  •  PhD degree in Psychology, Uppsala University, Department of psychology, 1986, “Assessment of a multifaceted treatment package of negative stress: A cognitive and cardiovascular approach”, where the manual was a biopsychosocial approach for prevention and self-treatment of stress related problems.
  •  Due to no particular interest for biopsychosocial stress medicine at that time von Scheele started a company Stress Medicine AB (now www.pbm.se) now restarting to increase applied psychophysiology 2006 as www.stressmedicin.se) for research, knowledge development and clinical work. Founded together with Professor Lennart Melin and Professor Töres Theorell the Swedish Center for Stress Medicine 2001 (non-profit activities), www.stressmedcenter.com and www.ipbm.se. The work is mainly based on own means – while von Schéele might be too provocative for traditional medicine – see e.g. http://biopsychosocialmedicine.com/?page_id=9. Instead Stress Medicine AB has reinvests in knowledge development and some quite few formal researches from income from clinical work.
  •  Professor in Medical Engineering, Mälardalen University, 2008, working with artificial intelligence based complex systems analysis in psychophysiological behavioral medicine. Now University independent.
  • Also working to encourage development of applied psychophysiology in Sweden (i) as former chair of the international section of AAPB (www.aapb.org), (ii) promote education and certification in cooperation with www.BCIA.org and interested Universities in Sweden, (iii) support health care systems with applied psychophysiological knowledge and practice and (iv) “move” practical parts of clinical work into education and personalized knowledge implementation – www.healthcreators.com  with a first focus on ADHD (www.adhdfonden.se in Sweden) and hypertension. The idea is to provide individuals without medical or psychological education in terms of ”patients as educated resources in their own rehabilitation” enabling health care services to provide additional support, when needed. Lifestyle medicine for people is the basic approach where e.g. patients can learn using integrated (including breathing, diet, exercise, meditation, CBT when needed – that is, our version of the biopsychosocial medicine toolbox) biofeedback for rehabilitation of stress related diseases and problems. Also prevention of lifestyle related diseases and problems is also the goal for healthcreators.com. www.MindBioFeedback.com (AB) is started to support the above both practically but also with R&D (former CARISM AB – Center for Applied Research in Integrated Stress Medicine – www.carism.se)
  • After 12 years of not retirement also focus on “cancer patients as educated active competent (according to reasonable possibilities) resources in cooperation with oncology doing their part of the self-care job …”, that is, tailoring the biopsychosocial medicine toolbox – which will be published during the falls 2019. Reson for extending the toolbox also for cancer was motivated with a prostate (aggressive) cancer diagnosis May 3th 2018, where recent R&D in epigenics are included as well as a new kind of hypnosis-like real limbic precognitive spatial placebo (not pharamacological offending rating/evaluation/.. use of the concept/word) focused approach.
  • After suddenly expiring impossible severe “hyperaggressive arousal tinnitus syndrome” from October 2019, I decided to focus on very severe expression of Tinnitus, while it seems too limited knowledge and practice platform – as far I have observed – so far!  
  • Then I restart work on ADHD, where new very promising possibilities have emerged!   



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