A challenging, well observed, specific problem to be solved – part of a severe Tinnitus symptom complex …

(updated 2019-12-27 19.00)
A specific problem – a well observed part of an extreme hard-to-deal-with severe Tinnitus – to solve!

60 years manageable Discordance Damage Tinnitus became three month ago suddenly “superimposed” with not manageable “High frequency cluster Burglar Alarm”-Tinnitus where reticular formation as well as cochlea probably is involved – preferably due to a brain trauma (falling with my head first in a concrete column) documented in MRI data – cervical and lumbar foraminal stenoses. Now below is a part of this complex symptom cluster quite well observed. I do have biofeedback data indicating that my relaxation is excellent! BUT cannot influence the assumed increased RAS (Reticular Activation System). Many Tinnitus conceptualization is emerging nowadays, e.g. Reactive Arousal Tinnitus  http://www.robertshearingclinic.com/tinnitus-explained-landing-page).

Again, a not very well understood process in spite of many years of use of the arousal word. Now this comes very close to me – earlier as a scientific/clinical problem but now also very personal!

The problem to be solved:
A special severe Tinnitus cluster
(among other Tinnitus cluster) is emerging
(a) early during planned relaxation after few minutes when I have begun to feel relaxed and well (!) while having 60-years old manageable Discordance damage Tinnitus. Then it stays for a while hard to direct gradually withdraw with any of present tools except a combination where also cold air in face is a part (increase O2 to brain according to studies).

(b) Same happens during sleeping when I wake up after 50-60 minutes, probably related to change in sleep dept. Each time I need to directly execute strategies/tools to decrease enough to be able to sleep again. Thereby, I use a not published new kind of hypnosis approach which enable be to go back to sleep in spite of still ongoing alarm. Still, every morning I am happily astonished it function. Also, my sleep quality is last days approving according to constructive dreams … beginning to see the light ahead .. last two months sleep has not been very health promoting. So, may the forces be with me entering the 2020.

Question 1: What is causing this high frequency emerging Tinnitus

Question 2: How can I prevent it emerge during relaxation and, if not possible to prevent, how can I gradually decrease/rescind it?

Anyone having any idea? Or, do you have any one you know, who you think have time to make any kind of supporting comments?

Some initial thoughts;
Hypnogogic jerks are also known as sleep starts or hypnic jerks. They’re strong, sudden, and brief contractions of the body that occur just as you’re falling asleep. That is expressions of motoric behaviors but my be reticular formation based.

The above discussed arousal may be related to reactive arousal (expressed as a kind of burglar alarm blasting sound) associated with reticular formation phenomena per se. That is what I experienced very clearly during early part of relaxation now – never before! It can also be activated in the same way (?) during sleep but not recognized at deeper sleeping states. In some way like hypnic headache (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypnic_headache) but without pain but high frequent with blasting sound in head!

But what is going on in reticular formation? And how can we prevent or treat it when emerged?

I really do not believe I am the only one suffering from this! I do think not very few is suffering from similar symptoms more or less hard to stand! Only, it is not well understood as well as do not have any proper symptom diagnostic criteria – or?

It is a scientific, clinical as well as hard personal problem needed to be solved!

I will work on the above not for the first time both from a general scientific/clinical perspective but also a personal!

More is to come … including I will put in information from other mailing me! But, the larm is now also coming when I feel inspired, which often is the case when I work at the computer with problem solving …

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