Lifestyle medicine

Lifestyle medicine is in brief how we can with improvement of our way to live our life can promote health and restore dysfunctions. The word (concept) medicine means art of healing behaviors, where in modern thinking behaviors here means our biological, psychological and social  behaviors in a complex socio-cultural-ecological context!

”Human organizations are living systems and should be analyzed accordingly. The fact that it faces us with the task of analyzing forbiddingly complex environmental interactions gives us no more of an excuse to isolate organizations conceptually than the proverbial drunk had when searching for his lost watch under the street lamp because there was plenty of light when he know he had lost it in the dark alley” Emery, F.E. (1969). Systems Thinking. Perguin Books Ltd, Harmondsowrth, Middlesex; England

In my professor presentation (see Evolution and Health – presentation) I try to express what I think is needed to develop a real systems integrating biopsychosocial medicine platform for effective practice where the key is education and supervised patient training of lifestyle medicine tools validated in a old-new way.

Concerning different kind of problems related to ”Big Pharma” now much writings happens, which might promote politicians to think not only about problems but also look for solutions that are trustworthy – hopefully, science as still some respect left after people read the below references,


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More is to come …

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