2021 – Will be working on this website gradually where new text will come when possible due to health conditions. Hope to add my view on win-win options integrating eastern and western medicine based on – text already at this website (see will be move in due time to

Started here is furthermore e.g.
(a) A discussion of a somewhat new, practical biopsychosocial placebo tool concept and perspective on cancer as a dynamic dysfunctional cell behavior which to a large degree concern metabolic processes and especially mitochondria behaviors which we to a large extent can ourselves influence with our life style behaviors as well as
(b) Learn with adjustment consequences from development of Quanta Biology
(c) Learn with adjustment consequences from development in Mitochondria systems functioning – health promotion and revovery
(d) Restart work with the .. urgent need of a serious work on relevant investigations as well as “patient as an educated reasonable competent resources and coworker in own rehab” (biopsychosocial medicine toolbox individually tailored follow up and, when needed, adjusted during the intervention processes.

But, if possible, also
(x) increased focus on cancer and what patients can do “patient as an educated, resource, …” (see this during “projects” and “R&D placebo”)
(x) continuation of the development of the George Kelly Personal Construct Theory and its still revolutionary practice and
(x) of course the biopsychosocial (with a priority for lifestyle and stress) medicine paradigm/concept/practice!

For more (but unfortunately very old) information of other focuses see also and – will be more up to date soon and in Swedish see and as well as and

This website is so far mostly focusing on the biopsychosocial medicine from a theoretical point of departure but gradually also more practice – clinical and not clinical. There will soon be more about Philosophy, Knowledge development, Methodology and Technology.

More text here will come during the 2021

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