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The 1957 Placebo case – the Krebozen story

The is one interesting and challenging case but intended is to add more placebo cases following the very tramatic case presented below! This case is one of the most well-controlled and perhaps best-known placebo cancer case. Please note that this … Continue reading

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NB working text below NOT READY yet! To day we talk about evolution of species where in human brain we identify reptilian, mammalian and human brain. Above shows how our emotions, endocrine/hormonal processes and basic behaviors are created in our … Continue reading

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Here below will cases gradually more and more which can be of interests for the discussion of placebo and the like be briefly described The much discussed Krebocen case 12 days substantially influence prostate cancer ….  

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Placebo R&D

( is forward here also) (Most about placebo and cancer at this website will be public first in the falls 2023 when also scientific/clinical (ideographic) case data will be available – some is and will be quite complex but I … Continue reading

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