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Biopsychosocial medicine: A very brief working introduction, information

All our activities (is argued) are based on a biopsychosocial medicine paradigm (Engel, 1977 – see also paradigm/definition at this website) where applied psychophysiology has a central position for the advancement of an integrated approach for life style medicine. That is, how individuals´ ways to life their life including their personal historical life style conditions, influence their health development as well as their quality of life. As we understand more and more of the possibilities to influence our gene expressions the above becomes increasing important. We do not yet recognize a growing interest from politicians, community officers, and other citizens for a development of a more lifestyle relevant medicine.

There are a number of reasons where many do not even know what biopsychosocial medicine is, is one! Another is the visible and not very visible, sophisticated control profit interests still manage to make “real” in the eyes of politicians and the rest of us – or?

Our goal is

1)      To further increased scientific theoretical and empirical work within (biopsychosocial) life style medicine including complex systems analysis facilitating (a) differential diagnostics of life style related diseases/problems as well as identify early risk factors and develop (b) further development of multifactoral transdisciplinary nomothetical and ideographic research designs which also can be used for a priori predictions in clinical work.

2)      To develop effective educational, methods/ways to communicate knowledge and related “tools” for individual to by (own) self care improve their life style related health at biological, psychological and social levels which can be validated in “1” above

3)      To provide focused educational projects and formal educations at all levels of significance for individual and organizations interested in improvement of their and others health using a biopsychosocial medicine paradigm and perspective.

4)      To inform political and social systems about how social-political-cultural behaviors are crucial for creating contextual prerequisites for improvement of peoples´ life style related health development

5)      To try to provide as solid as possible biopsychosocial integrated information from different field of concerns for life style related health development, e.g. nutrition, motions, breathing, cognitive-behavioral and social strategies, in a time where information overflow easily disperse unsureness which in itself constitute a problem for individuals and societies.


To provide individual independent of knowledge and educational levels of basics concerning life style related factors/behaviors which influence development of health, unhealth and disease – as well as how they can implement it according to their prerequisites and possibilities. This is done preferentially in group education where individuals gradually find their ways during supervision of well-educated and experienced providers.

To develop a human and artificial intelligence based reference library which document the above (as well as other life style related educational interventions) to over time construe a interactive data base system which can be used for research as well as recommendations for clinicians and individuals

To provide the above on a non-profit basis

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Bo von Schéele, Ph D, professor

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