Clinical consideration & data

As a student of systems integrating biopsychosocial medicine complexity gradually learning more and more and trying to find a bridge into real world  – where individual ´s vary in a varying way between and within as well as over time and sometimes also over situations – such continuous development is difficult to stop for publish in traditional ways – while last week work is improved and refined today! Lack of time for make publication priority prevent traditional publications* at least last 20 years where most is focusing on the above and stress medicine clinical work. But I will here below (sub sites) present some clinical psychophysiological observations.

Delay by complex unhealth – but hope during the falls 2018 to write here soon about some more interesting case data. See also cancer patient “case” at

1. Powerful effects of individual´s activated memory
2. Normalizing blood pressure in one session
3. ….

* Except many meeting abstracts and some AI-publications as coauthor as well as a few traditional publications (including my Ph D dissertation of course)


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