Quantum physics/chemistry/biology …

(NB this text will be much updated ASAP)
“Classical physics is a group of physics theories that predate modern, more complete, or more widely applicable theories. If a currently accepted theory is considered to be modern, and its introduction represented a major paradigm shift, then the previous theories, or new theories based on the older paradigm, will often be referred to as belonging to the area of “classical physics”.

As such, the definition of a classical theory depends on context. Classical physical concepts are often used when modern theories are unnecessarily complex for a particular situation. Most usually classical physics refers to pre-1900 physics, while modern physics refers to post-1900 physics which incorporates elements of quantum mechanics and relativity.[1]” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classical_physics

Newton´s revolution constitute the platform for understanding most of “real life physics”, followed by Einstein´s explaining needed more complex physics which did not explain the micro world, which the third revolution began to do, a process that is now expanded from physics-chemistry-biology … where we still wait for unifying the micro and macro world.

Many are using the word without have any idea of what it is actually do, which lead to that many people believe quantum physics is equal with “Quantum mysticism” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_mysticism “a set of metaphysical beliefs and associated practices that seek to relate consciousness, intelligence, spirituality, or mystical worldviews to the ideas of quantum mechanics and its interpretations.[1][2][3][4][5][6] Quantum mysticism is considered by most scientists to be pseudoscience”!

NB, we have to fight this misuse by (a) people who irresponsible and unreliable private purposes consciously fouling … or (b) well-intended but lacking completely understanding or misunderstanding what it really is, believe they saves people …

NB also, that it quantum physics/chemistry/biology ..  is extremely hard to understand but I suggest those interested and what to get an idea of how quantum principles influence also individuals´ everyday life to read “Life on the Edge: The Coming of Age of Quantum Biology by Johnjoe McFadden, Jim Al-Khalili.

Now, as quantum principles influence most fields but we are really in the beginning of the beginning, it does already mean that we are coming closer to understand critical mechanisms for aging and inflammation (Inflammaging), as well as health in general but also very complex critical processes as e.g. enzymes and mitochondria functions as well as how we can influence them giving a brad new perspective on medicine and psychology.

Below (subpages) I will try to forward information I regard as important not only for my own fields but which also may be relevant for many other disciplines but also for laymen – following my own “patient as a reasonable competent resource and coworker in own rehab”.

But, as always, I refer to Thales and Protagoras about “critical review your own thinking as well as others and ask others (including your own students) to do the same enabling together to further increase our united/sharing understanding …”  see Summarized of the paradigm used by Bo von Schéele | Biopsychosocial Medicine