Crucial issues to discuss …

Over the years many people including me come back to the some of the same basic problem/issue and which never is solved in a functional and practical way.
The first I discuss seems to be trivial, but I do not think so!

1. About individuals (not always realizing) their subjective worldview and its consequences in psychosocial cultural contexts
2. Fact and objectivity; Poppers 3 worlds hypothesis – scientific falsification and individuals (and clinical) validation of our hypothesis  man as a scientist (Kelly, 1955)
3. What about conscious and not conscious information processing as well as meat thinking … do we know what we believe we know …
4. Some basics in information processing and learning;  internalization, reconstructions/reconsolidation/reciprocal inhibition/state dependent learning/habituation/orienting response .., personality characteristics and individuals development in time and space …
5. …

1. About individuals (not always realizing) their subjective Worldview and its consequences in psychosocial cultural contexts

NB working text!

“Simply, a worldview is a set of beliefs that you hold true and live by. It’s a special pair of goggles that you put on every morning that allows you to see the world through your version of reality”. This “simply” is a good description but really not simple to defined without some efforts, which I think is needed as well as formulate in words that is easy to, not only realize, but also really “do with”, that is, realize including its consequences!

Humans are orienting in our world using a construed (Kelly, 1966) – from the beginning internalized as a prototype (Vygotsky) – subjective map as a reference/guide to platform thinking/behaving/living .., which can be compared with a paradigm for a scientist!

Mammals are also orienting using a subjective map by the same reason. But there is a huge difference, mammals are using preferably spatial “thinking” (information code systems) for orienting in their habitat!  For them their individual construction, partly genetic and epigenetic constructed, is their base for survival, Therefore there is an evolutionary selective pressure which has consequences for the species development! They cannot question their individual construed map – this can be hazardous!

But, in spite of all (??) advantages with an extra information code system, the verbal code and cognitive elaborations associated with our technological and … humanistic, perhaps not, or … the complex interplay between our old brain (preferably not conscious the spatial, “preverbal” Limbic parts) and new brain (the verbal, sometimes more conscious parts) is not well understood also in human sciences as well as by laymen. The mix of two code systems ( give many advantages – rational and irrational/intuitional interplay – but also confusion where one is that many individuals believe that their word view is the real one – one of the symptoms of Besserwisser!

The real challenge is how to in any way bring up the definition of worldview as well as its consequences in real world including the social impact of not understand that my personal worldview is extremely important for my one survival but can be a treat against survival in those closest ones in one´s social network! NB, one (not valid for all I think) of the clinical reasons can be low self-esteem – not good enough – and the besserwisser behaviors is a kind of (not very conscious) try to convince oneself of “I am ok” and totally overdo it – in an effective way!

Right now, I stop writing and challenge the readers (if any) to reveal your ideas to construe a communication bridge to a real effective besserwisser!