Are common reductionistic evidenced based clinical research meaningless, at best?

NB the “?” at the end of the tittle! NB also the word “clinical”!
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First, in many very complex, not well understood diseases/problems/.. just to do a study on just one (independent variable) parameter when knowledge based (real life – biopsychosocial paradigm based, a priori predictions are multifaceted (including assumed synergy interactions between x number of independent variables) makes no sense – using control group including. But there are ways if we use the individual as point of departure*.

NB. I focus mainly on lifestyle related diseases/problems/..
To be able to get an improved “picture” of individual – there within and between variations – we need a totally other kind of focused methodology design., stating at ideographic level and the move upwards (?) to nomothetical level.

My way to address this is … (text coming)

Right now very brief, my “way” based on integrated psychophysiological behavioral medicine is summarized at (in terms of “patients as a reasonable competent educated recourses and coworkers in own rehab”) (HELLA, not just to be considered in Medicine? | Cultural Medicine .. )